Matthew Storch Bio

Mock role-playing as a child that included performances like creating a teppanyaki chef's table out of simple household items combined with extensive travel around the world to top restaurants formed the basis of Matthew Storch's culinary career. His young mind was molded by observing top chefs, their kitchens, and the decor they chose to enhance the dining experience, and his young palate was formed on extraordinary flavors, unique food combinations and new delights. Matt's interest in all things culinary continued and brought him to a locally acclaimed restaurant to intern during high school and then to Todd English's restaurant, Olive's, in Massachusetts. After getting a 'taste' of the buzz of a truly professional kitchen, Matt was drawn to pursue formal training and enrolled at The Culinary Institute of America. After graduation, he was reunited with Todd English at the newly opened Miramar in his hometown of Westport, Connecticut and then moved west to assist Todd in opening Olive's Aspen.

In 2001, word got out that this up and coming young chef was returning home, and Scott Beck, the owner of Match, lured Matt to help elevate the food, wine and service at Match to a new level. Little did they know that the fruits of this labor would include numerous awards and accolades, including 'Best Overall Restaurant in Fairfield County' from 2002-2008 and the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. At the age of 24, Matt was made a partner in Match and fulfilled his dream of becoming a restaurateur.

Today, the award winning New American cuisine that has become Matt's signature at Match continues to follow his style of classic cooking with creative twists highlighted by seasonal, local ingredients. His presentations are colorful expressions of his natural intuition, masterful cooking skills, and the basic fundamentals of combining varying tastes and textures. The creation of new culinary delights is ongoing as Match presents an ever-changing supplemental menu that features different specials each night.

Creating new dishes, seeing people enjoy the Match experience, and providing personalized service are the ingredients of the culinary arts that fuel Matt's passion.

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